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Save Anthony Harris

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About Our Cause

In the State of Ohio, a child can be arrested, read their rights, and interrogated without the knowledge or presence of a parent or guardian. Even if that child is too young to understand his/her Miranda rights.

Because of this, 14 year old Anthony Harris (12 at the time of arrest) was wrongfully convicted of the murder of 5 year old Devan Duniver and sentenced to eight years in a juvenile institution. The Prosecution believes this is justice, but we believe this is the unfortunate result of a Juvenile Justice system that does little to protect the rights of the accused.

There was no physical evidence to link Anthony Harris to the death of Devan Duniver. But authorities, sure that they had the right suspect, put this 12 year old child through an hour and a half of intense interrogation using the controversial Reid Technique. According to the news program "20/20", the tactics used could "get anyone to confess to anything." These intense interrogation tactics were never meant to be used on children.

In fact, "20/20 has discovered that in just the last two years, nearly a dozen kids under the age of 17 confessed to murder, only to be later proven innocent. Though the interrogation tactics were similar, it’s unclear whether the Reid technique was used in any of these cases." - 20/20 June 18, 1999

The result: Anthony was convicted based entirely on a coerced confession obtained by an adult authority figure Anthony was taught to respect and trust. This authority figure lied, pressured and tricked Anthony into making a "confession" to a murder he did not commit.

This site is dedicated to the children like Anthony who have been robbed of their rights and unfairly held and convicted of crimes they did not commit. We invite you to look at the facts, and if they make you as angry as they made us, we ask you to do what you can to make a difference.

- The Friends of Anthony Harris

Save Anthony Harris